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Everything you need for the journey through our world you will find here. Most words in gold will be links to somewhere else. On the Court Ladies pg their pix will bring up their profile pg. If a hand pops up investigate!


For a more true experience this site is better viewed on your computer. It doesn’t translate quite the same to mobile phones.

Fetish and Anal enthusiasts, we know that you seek a firm hand in a velvet glove to quench those deviant desires. So we will guide you slowly through our erotic Queendom and let you explore our world of sinful sinsations.

We are a collective of kink specialists and we will expertly lead you where you need to go. Your limits will be respected but pushed unless other wise agreed upon


It’s time to explore so-o… Indulge Yourself and checkout the icons below!

A fetish link has just been added to this pg. This section is under construction with more to follow.


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