Have a safe and naughty 2021



 I know we will!  


Seasons Greetings from Princess Danielle, the Bratty Contessa, and Ms C

Let the Christmas Fun Begin!




Santa’s Naughty Confessions

“What can I help you with Santa?” Come a little closer Princess I don’t want anyone to hear. “Why are you looking down my blouse Mr. Claus?” “You wanna do what?” … “That’s it Santa off you go to the Naughty List!” “What do you think Santa confessed?” 










Whatever ever it was Santa got put in timeout! He was told to stand very still and contemplate what’s going to happen next.


Princess Danielle asked Contessa Riska to keep an eye on Santa. She said “he’s been standing there awhile so ask him what he would like to eat. I have plans for him so I want him to keep up his strength.” The Contessa did as asked and Santa requested Milk and Cookies. So the Contessa complied sorta. I’m not sure if this is what Santa had in mind!















Or maybe he did!

As you can see the Contessa got into trouble for having her own fun with Santa before the Princess was finished with him!

Rump check

This is what happens when you are put on the naughty list!

Santa bargained for his freedom. He gave up the whereabouts of the Elf !


Merry Christmas from Us to all of You!

More shenanigan’s to follow for the new year