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Internet Specials




Specials aren’t usually announced on the What’s New page so don’t forget to always check this page to find out what the current Specials are!

Our normal prices start at $250 an hour for basic bdsm, fetish or fantasy sessions. Please remember that you must+ reference the  Special you’re interested in when making your appt to receive discounted pricing.


Summer Special starting Friday  June 21, 2019 from 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Most Double Dom sessions will be:

$200 = 30 min 

$270 = 45 min 

$350 = 60 min 


These are our regular specials

New Client Special =$50.00  off during normal business hours. This excludes weekends and special arrangements with a Domme or Sub that is coming in on an unscheduled day.

Tuesday Specials are 11 am – 6 pm.

Sessions offered are:


$50.00 off most sessions 1 hr and up can include an enema for you. After discount an hr session would be $200.00

$150.00 = 1 Enema + 10 min Prostate (done at the beginning) or

                     2 Enemas   

$175.00 = 50 min Naughty Explorations includes Prostate massage (10 min done at the beginning), 1 enema & 1 hand held toy (done after the enema).

Please call the play space at 323 667-0095  for more specific info or to make an appt and reference the special you′re interested in.


You must mention the Internet Special when inquiring or making an appt in order to get discounted pricing. Of course if you are a member discounted pricing is available to you all the time!


So why not Indulge Yourself! Come and play!

Bottoms Up!!!