“Hello, how may I help you?” says the gentle voice on the other end of the line. You hesitate before you answer. The person on the other end of the phone senses your anxiety and continues in a kind voice. “Do you need to be examined by a experienced but naughty nurse?” A long sigh escapes your lips then you answer “ah yes I think I would.” All of your nerves are heightened thinking about what could be in store for you. The soft yet professional voice on the other end of the phone takes on a commanding edge. “Shall I set up an appointment for a thorough exam?” “Yes” you mumble. You understand we may need to do invasive yet sensual procedures?” Again you say yes but this time it’s only a whisper. The appointment has been set and your fantasy is about to unfold.

Upon your arrival you immediately put yourself in our good hands. It does not matter whether it’s a doctor, nurse, or therapist, you will get what you need! Now it begins. “Please take this cup into the bathroom and bring me back a urine sample. If you’re unable to produce a urine specimen and in some cases even if you do we will have to retrieve it by way of catheter. When you’re done please go into the examination room, remove your clothes and put on this gown.” says the nurse that greets you. Her voice is kind and she gives you a smile but you see in her eyes that it was not a request it was an order! You do as instructed. “Please seat yourself on the edge of the exam-table.” You begin to contemplate what’s going to happen next.

She has entered the room and after a brief preliminary exam you’re instructed to put your feet into the stirrups. You are starting to get nervous as she slides between your legs. Now you feel the coolness of the glass thermometer sliding into your anus. You are so caught up in the feeling of the old fashioned thermometer teasing your sensitive anus. Your  sphincter begins to pulsate. “I’ll be right back” she says. 

You’re so distracted by this pulsating feeling in your anus you don’t notice the nurse re enter the room. She brought with her all kinds of tools, including an anal speculum. “I’m going to be thorough in my examination.” Your thoughts begin to take on a life of their own and you wonder if you’re going to become a part of some sort of diabolical procedure. At that thought you begin to perspire.

The stethoscope is on your chest and she’s so close to you that you can feel her uniform brush against your skin. She whispers in your ear what your exam will entail. As she leans in even closer to listen to your heart she feels it begin to race in anticipation. 

Your eyes glaze over as you watch her put on the latex glove. You see the silver trays holding your fate and you take inventory of what’s on the trays. There are anal and vaginal speculums in all sizes, a mallet, a pinwheel, plus an Otoscope along with a few other things

On the other tray you see a set of five mental pieces round in shape and about six inches long. You observe also the case holding more metal pieces that are longer and thinner with oblong tips that range in diameter from very small to large. These are urethra sounds and we even have one that vibrates! There are catheters and some sort of large silver syringe. You wonder what she will use. To round out the collection are two beautiful glass syringes. Your eyes drift around the room and you see the clear silicone enema bag. hanging on the IV stand next to a large stainless steel bowl. You feel hypnotized by the prospects of what could possibly and probably will happen.  You watch her leave the room. She returns from the mixing room with a large stainless steel bowl full of hot soapy water to  give you the hydro-therapy you need. But you are so caught up in the fantasy of it all you seem surprised to see her back standing between your legs with the tray that’s holding your fate right next to her.

She lays the syringe in the bowl and then squeezes a generous amount of lube on her gloved fingers. It’s time to do a rectal exam and if you’re a guy then your prostate will be checked. In slides one finger, then two a soft moan escape your lips. You close your eyes and go with the probing of this most intimate area. Then you feel the cold anal speculum invade your bowels and your eyes flutter open and your bent knees rock back and forth in the stirrups and your lips begin to quiver as the speculum is opened. You watch her put the syringe in the metal bowl and pull back the plunger filling the injector with hot soapy water. When it’s full she lays it back on the tray and opens a drawer on the table.

From there she pulls out another tray containing several glass g-spot finders in various diameters. She chooses her favorites and drops them into the hot soapy water. We all know that glass takes on the temperature that surrounds it. She leaves you once again anticipating what will happen next!   She returns with another bowl full of water and ice and announces “I must now test your senses.”

As she reaches for the water filled injector you never avert your eyes. You feel bound to your fate but you’re not afraid to test your boundaries because you know that you are in experienced hands!