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We are open! Seeing a few of our regular friends and members along with a few new fetishists that share our interests. Availability is limited with safety protocols. This includes mask requirement!


Bdsm and Fetishists new to Court please enjoy your virtual journey through our Queendom!


1. If you would like an audience send an email or give us a call. At that time if we are of like minds you may request an invitation.


2. You should allow ample notice for your request. Weekend and same day appts are rarely available for new visitors.              .  


For our Friends and Members:

1. Same day visits are sometimes available Mon- Thurs. When available a minimum of 3 hrs notice is required and must be accepted by 4:00 pm.


2. Weekend visits are also available and generally require  a minimum of a few days notice.


3. When setting up your visit you will be asked to confirm a minimum of 2 hrs in advance on the day of your visit. If you do not confirm your visit will automatically cancel.

This is not anything new but we wanted to put it on the site so there are no  misunderstandings. This applies to new visitors, friends, and members. Things happen and confirming your visit makes sure nothing has changed on either end.


You may check here to see if there are any changes or call us at 323 667-0095 during our normal phone hrs Mon-Thurs 9am-7pm. We can be reached sporadically on weekends Fri-Sun from 9am-5pm for more info. If you wish a call back please leave a message.

We start at $250 for the hour for most visits that do not include switch, sub or nudity. Those fantasies start at $300. 



Everything you need for the journey through our world you will find here. Most words in gold will be links to somewhere else. On the Court Ladies pg our pix will bring up our profile pg. If a hand pops up investigate!

For a more true experience this site is better viewed on your computer. It doesn’t translate quite the same to mobile phones.


Fetish and Anal enthusiasts, we know that you seek a firm hand in a velvet glove to quench those deviant desires. So we will guide you slowly through our erotic Queendom and let you explore our world of sinful sinsations.

We are kink specialists and we will expertly lead you where you need to go. Your limits will be respected but pushed unless other wise agreed upon

It’s time to explore so-o… Indulge Yourself and checkout the icons below!


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