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Available for Friends and Members by minimum 1 day ADVANCE Request

New to Court? the same except Sunday- Tuesday 9 am – 5 pm  preferred



I’m looking for a few good men!  Will U be one of the chosen few I take on a journey of erotic exploration? Shall we travel the road of deviate desires? R U ready to unlock it’s hidden secrets and taste it’s forbidden fruits? If so… Only discriminating bdsm/fetish enthusiasts need apply.







I am The Mistress,  known to some as Mistress Coffin. I started in my teens near the beginning of the Los Angeles Bdsm/Fetish scene. I have had the pleasure and sometimes task of teaching many of those that are and have been in the scene. But make no mistake with over 35 years experience I am one the originals. As an Educator in the world of Power Exchange and Fetish I can safely let you take the chains off your Fantasies.






A Master at naughty explorations as well as a



world class disciplinarian and life style Domina means you’ll be in safe hands!







I am a mature, strict, sensual sublime Mistress, Naughty Nurse and Teacher tempting you to surrender to the power of the dark side. You and I shall walk that fine line between pleasure and Pain!! 




There are so many choices!

My in person visits for friends and members start at $300 for 1 hr. For those that are new to Court $350. I suggest multiple hrs for the experienced player. This could be all play or part social affair depending on your needs. 

For more info or when you’re ready to request a visit… Indulge Yourself! Give me a call at 323 667-0095 or email me at [email protected]



The Mistress


Additional Info

Virtual Instruction and or chats on almost anything are also available. Pricing is as follows: 15 min is $75. Additional times are available in increments of 5 min for $25.

If you′re interested in Virtual  Fall/ Winter Classes there are 2 ways to enroll. To receive a discounted rate of $250 for 1 hour divided into a personalized schedule tailored to suit your needs you would need to pay tuition in advance for the month.

To set a weekly schedule and pay at the appointed time the fee would be $75 per week for 15 min.

The number above is currently transfered to my personal phone so do not text this number for a timely reply. I will not necessary see it unless I happen to be at the space. More pix will be posted soon!

























































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