Phone and face time chats are available Monday – Friday during our normal business hours with Princess Danielle or Ms C.

Please call in advance

You may face time on the What’s Up app, Skype, Instagram, Face book, or Samsung phones.

Form of payment: Payments are accepted through the Cash App. Payments being made through the Cash App is fairly simple. Instruction will be provided if needed

Subject matter: Regular conversations and almost anything to do with  bdsm, fetishes or fantasy. If it is a facetime scenario that needs to be played out in a specific way please send a short synopsis by e-mail.

Date and time: Please let us know when you would like the conversation or session to take place. Monday – Thursday are the 4 days that are best for same day Video, face time, and Skype chats can sometimes be done within minutes of contact


Face time & Skype Chats or Instructions with or without props: $50 for the first 10 min. After that it is $20 per additional 5 min.

Make sure you check the availability of Princess Danielle and Ms C for your virtual visit

Whatever your interests….

Let’s talk about it!